Build a digital strategy that builds your business.

Baker Digital Strategies creates clear messaging and marketing
to make your ideal customer or client want to do business with you.

Your clients should understand
the value you bring them.

A lot of businesses invest in marketing, but don’t see great results. The problem is, their messaging is weak or unclear. And people don’t engage with marketing that is invisible or causes confusion.

Doing things like building a website or social media before clarifying your message is like putting the cart before the horse.

Your Business Needs a Message
that Generates Interest and Leads

The words you use to talk about your business create the world in which people perceive your business.

Let Baker Digital Strategies help you create a digital strategy that engages your ideal customer or client.

A Clear Message

We'll use the proven StoryBrand™ Framework to create a brand message that will resonate with your ideal customer or client, online and offline.

A Website That Sells

Your website should be designed to turn visitors into leads. We'll craft the content, create a professional design, and optimize the performance for maximum engagement.

A Funnel That Converts

Your business should have a sales funnel that gets potential buyers interested, then encourages them to buy (in an authentic, non-salesy way). We'll help you build it out from end to end.

I Know How Confusing Marketing Can Be

My background is in tech, not marketing. As a software engineer, I learned that the most important thing about writing code is that it does what it is supposed to do. I believe the same should be true in marketing—but unfortunately, a lot of marketing is more “creative” than it is persuasive.

As a business owner, you should be able to eliminate guesswork from your brand messaging, website, and sales funnel. They should be built to engage your ideal clients and compel them to do business with you.

I believe that all small businesses deserve clear messaging and marketing that works—and as a StoryBrand™ Certified Guide, I swore an oath to relentlessly pursue that for my clients. I look forward to doing the same for you.

- Matthew Baker, Chief Strategist / Chief Technologist

Three Steps for More Effective Marketing

1. Book an
Intro Call

We'll go over your business and see how my services can help you achieve your goals.

2. Receive a
Tailored Plan

I'll provide a tailored plan to hone your messaging and create your digital strategy.

3. Implement Clear Marketing

We'll work together to create a clear brand message, then implement it on your website, in your sales funnel, and in any other marketing collateral.

How Baker Digital Strategies
Helps You Succeed

Building Blocks of a Digital Strategy

Ideally, your business should have each one of these in place for an effective digital strategy.

Whether you’re looking to focus on all of these or just one or two, we can help!

A clear brand messaging playbook

You and your employees should have simple, consistent talking points to communicate your business's value online, offline, in print, and in person.

A website designed to sell

People visit your website to learn how your business can help them. Your website should be built to convert visitors into leads and sales.

Baker Digital Strategies lead generator

A lead generator to build rapport

Chances are people aren't ready to do business with you right away. A lead generator helps you start a client relationship by providing free value.

Baker Digital Strategies email sequence

An email campaign to stay top of mind

Sadly, if you don't remind prospects and existing clients that you exist, they tend to forget you do. Stay top of mind with regular, helpful emails.

Baker Digital Strategies sales email

Sales emails to seal the deal

When people are interested in your offer, you need to assure them that working with you is a good decision. A sales campaign does just that.

Baker Digital Strategies consistent messaging

Consistency across all media

Video, social media, SEO, PPC, print, radio, and beyond.... It all needs to invite people into the same story in order to help grow your business.

Business Owners I've Had the Pleasure to Serve

Matthew worked with me extensively to understand how my solutions benefit my clients and architected my site to make it work for them. He insisted on keeping the focus on the end customer. Now, my clients can find my company, the solutions they need, and contact us very easily.

The process to develop was efficient, and even after going live, Matthew has continued to provide support. I endorse him for your next website project!
Tom Basey testimonial
Tom Basey
Principal, Basey Insurance
Matthew’s dedication to understanding my business as well as my needs for my website speak volumes to his commitment to excellence. Most of the other web designers I talked to gave me very high quotes, without taking the time to understand what I really needed for my website. Matthew helped me figure out the best way to represent my ideas, and took my input over the course of several weeks to work out the best solutions for my website.

Matthew’s method of attaining information to help his clients and his overall approach to building relationships is excellent. I truly feel like Matthew was not just invested in building my website, but in building my business as well.
Sean Antoniello testimonial
Sean Antoniello
Owner, Notable Wine Wine Tasting and Events
Going into my website project, one thing that was really important to me was using StoryBrand™ for the site design. Other web developers I talked to were somewhat familiar with it but they had templates they preferred to use. Matthew was familiar with the StoryBrand™ framework and took the initiative to study and implement it for my brand on my website.

I recommend Matthew because he develops more than just a website. He develops a strategy. In his initial assessment, he asked me what problem I was trying to solve for my clients and what my desired outcome was. No other designer I talked to ever asked me that.

Even after completing my website, Matthew has remained engaged with me to consult and offer marketing recommendations. I have recommended Matthew to several friends, two who selected him for their digital strategies as well. I consider Matthew a trusted friend.
Taylor Cole Longacre testimonial
Taylor L. Cole
TV Host, Producer, Ministry Leader;

Why It All Starts With Your Brand

Having a website, running ads, and doing things like social media and SEO can all be great. But if you don’t have a clear, consistent brand message, people are going to be confused by your marketing. And confusion does not grow your business.

Whether your ideal clients find you on Google or meet you at a networking event, you need to explain what you do in a way that makes them want to work with you. That message—your brand—needs to be the same in all marketing channels. Your brand needs to clearly tell your ideal clients how you’re going to help them survive and thrive.

At Baker Digital Strategies, I believe if you’re going to invest in any kind of marketing, you deserve more than an agency that provides solutions without first prescribing a strategy. You deserve someone who will understand your business, help you clarify your message, and then convey your message across media in a way that resonates with your ideal customers.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Book an intro call to see how my services can help you achieve your goals.
  2. Receive a tailored plan to hone your messaging and create your digital strategy.
  3. Implement clear marketing through a brand message, website, sales funnel, and more.

Stop missing out on potential business and start positioning yourself as the solution to your customers’ needs. Book an intro call today.

It's time for marketing that grows your business.

Don’t let your first (or second, or third) impression be invisible or confusing. Let Baker Digital Strategies help you create a clear brand message and effective marketing to generate more leads and sales.

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